Dru Yoga

New weekly Yoga classes start Thursday 2nd February for 6 weeks, £36 for all 6 or £7 drop in.

A simple yet potent form of yoga, Dru is rooted in ancient tradition combining flowing movements with breathing and visualisation. Suitable for all, the easy movements and postures can be modified for any physical challenges, whatever size, level of fitness, or level of experience you have.

Why do Dru?
The ultimate purpose of Dru is to find the still point inside you (there will be one!) and simply be. Using the body to relieve muscular tension, you can change the way the body feels and release toxins, helping you replenish and revive, discovering your true energy and inner smile.

What should I bring?
Water, a blanket, a yoga mat and a smile if you can! If you are new to yoga and don’t have a mat, there are some spares available. Do let Paula know if you have any health challenges that could affect your body doing yoga, and she’ll help you get the most from the class.

About Paula
Paula has been studying yoga for over twelve years, and has taught to a variety of different groups including young people, support volunteers, teachers, and many others. With an interest in the creative arts, storytelling and community living, Paula loves her classes to be friendly, supportive and most of all fun.

For more information contact Paula on 07855 203391 or email paula.k4@gmail.com.

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The Clifford Hall

The Clifford Hall is an excellent exhibition space and is also used for many of our classes. More >>