Pollokshields Burgh Hall Trust
Terms and Conditions from 2018

We thank you for choosing Pollokshields Burgh Hall Trust as a venue. We have considerable experience of hosting weddings and events in our building. We know what works well and what doesn’t. Also, as a Community Trust it is our responsibility to make sure that the building is treated with care and respect so that it can be used by the future generations of our community. It is also our responsiity to ensure that Health & Safety and Fire Regulations are strictly adhered to. Please take some time to read over our conditions of let so that you know what we expect of you, and also further ways we may be able to help you to have a perfect event. As soon as your booking is confirmed we will assume that you are happy with the conditions of let and agree to be bound by them.

1. The contract of let for the Hall is with you the client. You are responsible for your guests and the persons who come into our Hall to provide services for you. While we can give you some guidance in terms of a caterer and bar service whose regulatory information will have been verified by us, for all other services it is your responsibility to guarantee the personnel you choose will conduct themselves professionally at all times. Also, if you are hiring in external contractors please ask them to provide specific times for dropping off and collecting goods and equipment as the Hall is not manned by a Duty Officer continuously throughout the day, nor every day of the week.

2. Please consult our website. This will provide you with information and pictures of events. Crucially, it will give examples of table layout etc. for different numbers of guests for your meal, and for your evening entertainment. This will enable you to discuss your specific requirements with your caterer etc.

3. Please adhere to the hours of let as indicated on your booking. For example, if the let is from 10 am on the day of your wedding then please be aware that contractors etc. cannot turn up before this time as the building may be locked - for example we have had occasions when bakers have attempted to deliver wedding cakes at 8.30 am. If goods require to be dropped in advance this must be by arrangement as we may not be able to accommodate you if there are other functions taking place the day before your event.

4. Please ensure that you are specific about the number of persons attending your event. We require this information for health & safety reasons and so that we can properly plan for your event. If you exceed your numbers then we reserve the right to call in an additional Duty Officer and this amount will be chargeable. Please refer to the website and your information sheet for details of the maximum numbers allowed for each function room.

5. Clients will be referred to the website for optional floor layouts for events which they should choose after consultation with their caterer. To ensure smooth running of the event on the day for the Duty Officer, our operations team should be advised of the floorplan/tables required for daytime and evening at least six weeks in advance of the event.

6. If you wish to decorate any room in the Hall can you please use the hooks on the walls already provided or white tac. Only artificial candles will be allowed in the Hall unless written permission is sought and suitable containers are agreed upon in advance. If the window recesses are to be lit artificial candles will require to be used there also. Only biodegradable confetti will be allowed and only outside the Hall. If other confetti is used which requires to be cleared away a charge of £25 will be made for this. Smoking is strictly prohibited and there are places provided at the seating area near the main entrance for cigarette disposal. Please ensure that guests do not put their cigarettes out in our flower baskets.

7. The Hall has a list of approved caterers we work with to ensure events run smoothly as well as minimal damage and wear and tear to the building. A list will be provided when the building is booked. Only in exceptional circumstances will permission be given to use another caterer for a wedding function. This is due to the time involved in checking the business’ regulatory paper-work etc. and advising new caterers on our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to make a one off £400 charge for this additional work which will be added to your invoice. Our usual caterers know that they must tidy and clean our kitchen and the premises must be left as found after any let.

8. The Hall has a contractual arrangement with a company to provide bar services to our clients. Reasonable amounts of wine and champagne can be supplied by the client for the meal and the reception only, so long as an arrangement is in place with the bar for service, glass provision, and bottle disposal. The client must discuss charges for this directly with the bar. Your own drinks can only be supplied for the reception and during the meal. It is expected that all other drinks will be purchased through our bar during the event. When the whole building is hired it is not permitted to run the bar downstairs. It is a health and safety concern for glasses etc. to be carried up the narrow stairway. If clients have an arrangement with the bar all reception bottles must be disposed of before 10pm. We are very considerate of our residential neighbours and we have concluded after careful consideration that only an in-house service can dispose of empty glass bottles responsibly and with minimum noise and disruption after this time. Finally please note that the bar will always close at least 1 hour before the end of your function let.

9. If any electrical items are coming on to the premises such as lighting or musical equipment we need to have proof that these items have been tested in accordance with regulations. Plugs etc. will normally have a sticker to confirm the date the appliance was checked, and our Duty Officer has the right to check this on the day and prevent usage if required if he feels there is a potential risk to our electricity supply. It is therefore in your interest to check that all suppliers meet the necessary regulations and you will be reminded of this when we contact you for your event information prior to your booking.

10. Should any persons attending the Hall to undertake decoration require to use ladders it is clear that they are used at their own risk. Clients should ensure that all contractors have insurance for such purposes and meet general health and safety requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure decorations are installed and taken down within the time of your letting time period. Duty Officers will refuse to give ladders to persons that have consumed alcohol even if they have signed a waiver to say that they use ladders at own risk. If clients have made an arrangement with their caterer for decoration removal this must be intimated to the Hall in the event checklist sent to the client 8 weeks before the wedding. If clients have made an arrangement with a company to remove lights etc at a later date, this must also be intimated on the event checklist so that a duty officer can be booked to be on duty.

11. In respect of gifts and personal effects, if clients have booked the whole building the Park Room will be provided as a secure space for the bride and groom, personal effects and presents. It is up to clients to ensure everything is safe. Otherwise, very small items can be left in the front office but again the client must assume the risk for these. Please note that all of these items must be removed at the end of your letting time unless alternative arrangements are made in advance with the office.

12. Regarding clearing the Hall, sometimes decorations are carried out over several hours, yet there is routinely only one hour at the end of the let to clear the Hall, take down floral decorations etc and ensure everyone is exited safely with all their belongings. We need to be clear about who is responsible for this work as events vary but charges do not. If you wish any items to be kept for collection this must be indicated to the office in advance in your event checklist so that you can be accommodated. In addition, your caterer will require to agree a time in advance for the collection of any cater hire not removed on the night which will require to be uplifted the following day. Again this should be by arrangement with the office, and we expect all items to be removed from our premises within 24 hours, but ideally on the night. If you do not make an arrangement in advance with your caterer etc. to leave the Hall as you found it, then we reserve the right to levy a charge by invoice after the event for doing your clearing. Please note that decorating any wood paneling in the ground floor is not allowed. Also, if you are providing floral arrangements in jars then these must be separated at the end of the night for disposal to the appropriate GCC collection bins. The Hall reserves the right not to allow any excessive decorations or equipment into the venue if it feels that this will impede our ability to clear the Hall safely between midnight and 1 am.

13. Clients must be aware that any Hall staff on duty have the final say on all matters that concern the building and safety.

14. We politely request that parents supervise their children at all times, particularly in relation to their use of the toilet facilities and any potential glass hazard from unsupervised drinks. We also request that patrons keep their footwear on at all times as unidentified broken glass can be a hazard of large social gatherings. Bar staff will make every effort to ensure that glass is not placed on the floor by regular clearing but sometimes guests move tables close together which can make glass clearing and monitoring difficult.

15. The office deals with bookings, invoicing, timing queries and final instructions for the events in respect of the contents of the terms and conditions. Should you require specific event advice in the run up to your event, then we can advise you of an event specialist who has run events at the Hall and whose work we are familiar with. You will be provided with a general information sheet at the time of booking which provides all the information you need for running your own event.

16. Patrons are requested to adhere to the safety signs concerning fire exit and glass etc etc. at all times, both within and outwith the Hall.

17. The Trust reserves the right not to accept a booking and is not required to give an explanation. The Trust will not cancel a booking unless exceptional circumstances prevail, and then every attempt will be made to give reasonable notice.

18. Vandalism and/or acts of theft will not be tolerated and every case will be reported to the Police. The Hall is fitted with security cameras and footage will be passed to the Police as well as the names and addresses of the lessees. The Trust will always seek prosecution and recompense for willful damage. Lessees will all be held responsible and will be billed for additional cleaning charges such as bottle and litter in the garden areas caused by guests etc., as well as any sickness clearing undertaken for adult patrons, and generally any mess and disrespect of our toilet facilities.

19. Where furniture is being brought into the Hall it must be flame resistant.

20. All bookings must be paid in full prior to the date of the let/function.
For weddings the final invoice will be sent around six weeks before the date. For other lets/ events the invoice will be sent out prior to the date with sufficient time for payment.

21. The subletting of accommodation is not allowed without the prior permission of the Burgh Hall.

22. No lets/functions can be booked by anyone under the age of 18.

23. All fire exits should be kept unobstructed or our Duty Officer
may ask you to move items.

24. The use of indoor or outdoor fireworks is strictly forbidden.

25. The availability of a Duty Officer for the Hall does not include putting up tables and chairs and other items of furniture with the exception of ceremony set up for which we are obliged to set out the correct number of chairs for guests to meet our obligations as an approved venue.

26. Any lessee providing music during a let is responsible for any required arrangements for copyright. In addition we would ask for co-operation at the start of the reception so that our Duty Officer may make the requisite housekeeping announcement for fire safety etc.

27. Smoking and using vapor is not permitted on the premises, or at the front entrance to the Hall.

28. No booking will be considered firm without a written confirmation from the Burgh Hall. Receipt of our terms and conditions by e mail, followed by a paid booking invoice by the client will be deemed acceptance of the Burgh Hall’s terms and conditions of booking.

29. Cancellation of any booking must be made in writing.

30. In the event of cancellation, booking fee invoices are considered non-returnable but we will always try to accommodate clients to find an alternative suitable date for any event.

31. Clients are requested to ensure that their caterers/service providers do not leave their vans/cars parked directly in front of the venue during a function. This can prove problematic if photographs are being taken, as well as for disabled access. The officer on duty can provide advice.

32. Clients are reminded that they are responsible for those guests attending the Hall at their invitation and for resultant behaviour. It would be helpful if the Duty Officer could be advised at the start of the let who is in charge of the function so that a person is identified as a contact point for any issues staff on duty require to raise.

33. Clients must ensure that guests do not bring their own alcoholic drinks with them into the Hall in handbags, backpacks etc. Alcoholic drinks are available from the Hall operating under the usual licensing rules. Your guests may be asked to leave the premises should you be found to have consumed alcohol not purchased on the premises.

34. Clients should note that while drinks may be consumed outside
the Loggia where tables and chairs are provided, as is customary with most public parks in Glasgow, it is not permitted to take alcohol, glasses and bottles into Maxwell Park.

35. With the exception of the marriage ceremony, no dogs are allowed on the premises with the exception of guide dogs.

36. The use of drones for filming is not allowed inside the building
or in the grounds.

37. We reserve the right to alter prices due to market forces, and terms and conditions in general for any issues concerning the sustainability of the building.

38. From time to time most businesses run special promotions on their rates and the Hall is no exception. However, for the avoidance of any doubt please note that the price you are quoted as part of your booking will be the final price.

39. For weddings, the Trust has an approved list of suppliers whose regulatory information we have checked, and verify on an ongoing basis. By this we mean food hygiene training, risk assessments, insurance, PASS certificate for the location food was prepared as well as ensuring the business is registered. Regrettably we cannot do this for all other events/parties as we simply do not have time and seek to keep costs for community hires to a minimum. Accordingly, if you are hiring in a caterer for your event it is YOUR responsibility to check this for the safety and enjoyment of your guests. If you are in any doubt at all about what is required regarding food standards and the catering for your event, then please don’t hesitate to contact your local authority for advice. We strongly advise that you particularly check the insurance element and that your caterer is covered for damage to locations at which they might conduct their business as if our kitchen and/or equipment is damaged in any way then we will pursue this.

40. If you have booked the Hall to host an event and are conducting a raffle etc, please ensure that your arrangements comply with the requirements of the Gambling Act 2005.

Arrangement for payments
On reserving a date for your event etc. a booking process will follow and a booking invoice for £600 will be issued. Your final invoice will be sent out around six weeks before your date, once we have received your event checklist details which we will have requested at the eight week stage. All wedding invoices should be settled four weeks prior to the event. Please note that a booking invoice will be non-refundable outwith exceptional circumstances on which we have the final say.

For other let/events, invoices for booking deposits and final balances will be sent out at our discretion. These invoices will always be dispatched with sufficient time to enable the final invoice to be paid prior to the let/event taking place.

Finally, our functions office may contact you after your event to ask for feedback. We would be grateful if you could be provide this for us as it enables us to reflect on what we are doing and look for ways to improve.

Kim Schmulian, CEO