POWERtalk Pollokshields
is part of POWERtalk International, a self development organisation providing coaching in effective speaking, listening and leadership skills.

Good communication skills are built on confidence, clarity of thought and expression and, the ability to listen. They are skills that we all need to call upon every day of our lives, whether we are taking part in a conversation over dinner, voicing an opinion at a business meeting or delivering a speech at a reception.

Our meetings are open to everyone and we welcome visitors to come,
look and listen. They will not be pressed to speak unless they really wish to do so. At each meeting club members participate in a number of activities which involve communication skills — two minute observations, short speeches, word games, presentations. Participation is always voluntary.

The aim is to develop speaking skills in a comfortable, non threatening environment.

Meetings are held fortnightly in the Loggia Room between September and May. We have a varied programme on a diverse range of subjects.

Visitors can come to two meetings free of charge and, if they wish to
attend further meetings, then a charge of £6 will be required per meeting unless, or until, they join the club proper. Annual fees are in the region of £190 per annum.

Meetings are usually on Monday evenings at 7.30pm (prompt), running until 9.30pm.

If you wish to attend one of the meetings we would be grateful if you would phone Louise Laing on 0141 632 0172.

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The Clifford Hall

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The Maxwell Hall

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