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Pollokshields Burgh Hall has different Halls that can be used for many purposes! Below are some examples of what each room has been used for:

Maxwell Hall: Ceremony, Dining, Dance shows, Concerts, Birthday Parties, Mehndi Parties

Clifford Hall: Ceremony, Dining, Community Hire, Birthday Parties, Mehndi Parties, Exhibitions

Stirling Hall: Ceremony, Dining,  Mehndi Parties, Buffet Room

Loggia: Baby Showers, Hen Do, Drink Reception, Stag Do, Fine Dining, Pop Up Cafe

Park Room: Board meetings


Maxwell Hall

The Maxwell Hall can hold the largest number of people at the Halls. This Hall can be used for a ceremony space, dining, dance show and much more!


Hall dimensions:  7mx14m and has a stage which is 6mx3m.  

There are round tables and trestle tables available so you can have a choice for your table plan!

Numbers allowed:

Wedding Ceremony: 120 (recommended)

Dining: 120 

Concert/memorial service: 150 

Standing event: 150 

fiona 2.jpeg

Stirling hall

The Stirling Hall has a lovely fireplace backdrop which gives the space a rustic feel. It is perfect for more intimate events.

There are round tables and trestle tables available so you can have a choice for your table plan!

Hall dimensions: 6.5 x 8m 

Numbers allowed:

Wedding Ceremony: 60

Dining: 40 

Concert/memorial service: 60 

Standing event: 70 

Clifford hall

The Clifford Hall is perfect for community events, birthday parties and exhibitions. There is an LED strip that gives the room a colourful glow. You can also decorate the pillars with fairy lights or bunting to make the space unique to you.

Hall dimensions: 15.5m x 7.5m

Numbers allowed:

Wedding Ceremony: 100

Dining: 80 

Concert/memorial service: 100 (depending on band space)

Standing event: 100 

clifford exhibition.jpg


The Loggia is the most modern room in the building. With its large glass windows and doors opening out to the garden area, it is perfect for a summer event. Why not have your drinks reception outdoors? 

Hall dimensions: 11m x 4m

Numbers allowed:

Ceremony: 40

Dining: 30 

Concert/memorial service: 40 

Standing event: 50 

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